Importing and Exporting

IStringExtendedLocalizerFactory Import, Export methods

The UpdatetLocalizationData and the AddNewLocalizationData methods of the IStringExtendedLocalizerFactory can be used to import and export data into the database. If these methods are used, the cache is reset. As a user of this interface, you have to implement the logic to decide whether a localization record needs to be updated or added.

public interface IStringExtendedLocalizerFactory : IStringLocalizerFactory
    IList GetImportHistory();

    IList GetExportHistory();

    IList GetLocalizationData(string reason = "export");

    IList GetLocalizationData(DateTime from, string culture = null, string reason = "export");

    void UpdatetLocalizationData(List<LocalizationRecord> data, string information);

    void AddNewLocalizationData(List<LocalizationRecord> data, string information);

The following example shows how the import, export could be implemented using csv.